Our Short Story

We are a resourceful, high professional team that is committed to creating a solid solutions for the industries we serve.
We work with industries at every stage of implementation, helping them overcome the obstacles for effective gas analyzing methods and support their continued need for long-lived, continues, reliable and sustainable gas analysing.


Our Concepts
Our Mission

Our core area is the development and marketing of instruments for gas analysis which are based on thermal conductivity measurement. Our philosophy is to deliver first-class quality and a good service for an affordable price.

AGIMAS: Advanced German Industrial Measurement and Analytics Systems

With a current output in the high triple figures, we have consolidated our position in this niche of measurement technology. In our well equipped laboratory we are able to work out solutions for many applications according to customer requirement. Due to the modular assembling of our instruments, we can deliver tailor-made products to our customers.

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We are looking for an Office Assistant with a prior solid office background. Main purpose of the job is to assist management and support staff with daily operations at the office and to have the ability to develop a long term client base.

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