Continuous Gas Analyzers


Continuous gas analyzers based on thermal conductivity (TC) detectors are our specialty. These types of instruments are variable and can easily be adapted for your needs.

The high precision analyzers are small dimensioned, so it is possible to mount them on individual sample points in a facility.

AGIMAS analyzers do not need additional gases or other consumables for measurements of any gases even including infrared inactive gases.

A TCD3000 High sensitive, precise, compact gas analyzer for single or multi gas measurements.

• Accurate and long term stable thermal conductivity measurement
• High sensitivity e.g. 0-0.5Vol.% H2 in N2 range; Low noise <10ppm H2 in N2
• Precise linearization for the gas mixtures as H2, He, CO2, CH4 in N2 or Ar and N2 in Ar on board
• Customized linearization with polynomial up to sixth order
• Multi Gas Mode allows sequential indication of up to 15 binary mixtures
• Isolated 4-20mA output, expandable; free set of start and end within 100 Vol.% range
• Classic 2-point calibration or simple one-gas calibration
• Free set of display indication (ppm or Vol.%) at a resolution up to 1ppm
• Cross sensitivity compensation by feed in of external signal and internal calculation
• Fast response with a T90-time of less than 1 sec (depending on flow rate)
• Pressure proof (20bar) and vacuum leak tight stainless steel (LF316i) gas duct
• Three isolated relays for indication of alarms and instrument status
• RS 232 excess to all values and parameters
• Digital output with 1ppm resolution over the whole 100Vol.% range
• PC-based service program simplifies all settings, linearization and calibration
• Small and robust transmitter in Al-housing for field use (protection class: IP65)
• Dimensions: Width 145mm, Height 80mm (without connectors), Depth 85mm
• Power supply 18V to 36V DC / 700mA

Dimensions without connectors; weight 145mm x 80mm x 85mm; max. 1800g
Power supply 24V DC (18V to 36V), 700mA
Ambient temperature range -5°C to 50°C, other on request
Linearity < 1% of range
Warm up time About 30min; 1h for small ranges
Flow rate 40l/h to 150l/h; 60l/h -80l/h recommended
Noise < 1% of smallest range
Drift at zero point < 2% of smallest range per week
Repeatability < 1% of range
Error due to change of ambient temperature < 1% of smallest range per 10°C
Error due to change of flow at 80l/h < 1% of smallest range per 10l/h
Gas pressure < 1% of smallest range per 10l/h
Error due to change of pressure (above 800hPa abs.) < 1% of smallest range per 10hPa

Using in Industry

Process Gas Analyzers 25%
Laboratory- and pilot plant 30%
Combined heat and power unit or block-type thermal power station 20%
Elemental analysers 12%
Landfill & biogas analyzers 13%


Hydrogen (H2) in Nitrogen (N2) 5%
Hydrogen (H2) in Helium (He) 23%
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in Nitrogen (N2) 15%
Hydrogen (H2) in Air 18%

TCD3000 OEM Fast, small gas analyzer for control of ambient air.

  • Precise and long-term stable thermal conductivity measurement.
  • Control of ambient air or connection to measuring gas via ¼-inch female thread.
  • Teflon membrane as protection against condensate or contamination.
  • Fast response with a T90 time of less than 10sec.
  • Potential-free 4-20mA output, configurable through RS485.
  • Easy-to-use

Using in Industry

Ambient Air Monitors 35%
Helium Measurement in Airships 60%
Hydrogen fed monitoring 5%


purity of helium / humidity 60%
Hydrogen (H2) in Air 40%

A TCD-110 Thermal Conductivity (TC) Detector for Industrial Gas Analysis.
Ideal for oxygen and hydrogen measurements.

  • Thermal conductivity transmitter based on a micro-mechanical chip.
  • No additional gases (except for measuring gas) or other consumables needed.
  • Rugged aluminum housing (IP65) with small dimensions (105x50x50mm3).
  • Linear 4-20mA signal output option: 1-10V).
  • Easy calibration using a potentiometer.

Using in Industry

Process Gas Analyzers 50%
Continuous Gas Analyzers 15%
Ambient Air Monitors 35%


Methane (CH4) 38%
Hydrogen (H2) in Nitrogen (N2) or Air 23%
Helium (He) in Nitrogen (N2) or Air 21%
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in Nitrogen (N2) or Air 18%

OEM-Products, TC Detectors for Integration into the customer Products.

  • Thermal conductivity detectors based on a micro-mechanical chip.
  • High sensitivity e.g. 0-0.4% H2 in Ar independent of ambient temperature
  • Fast response with a T90 time of about 1sec even at gas flows as low as 5l/h.
  • Pressure proof (up to 20bar) flow through device with very small dimensions.
  • Signal processing included and thereby easy adaptation to customer’s electronics.

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